Why “Political Pasión”?

Year after year, I have seen Democrats and Republicans make great decisions and not so great decisions in attempting to connect with Hispanics. My mission is to encourage politicos to do a better job of reaching Hispanics by “sparking” or reviving their interest in politics to the point where it becomes significant and meaningful in the lives of all the Hispanic population.

When considering potential voters in Florida that identify themselves as Hispanic, 48% are naturalized citizens. Now consider that many of these naturalized citizens come from countries that DO NOT embrace democratic ideals. Usually these countries do not have the wellbeing of their people as a priority which weakens the trust and backing of the families and consequently the community and ultimately the nation as a whole making it divided and thus vulnerable. These citizens feel that they cannot trust the government. On the contrary, they have a fear and an increasing lack of interest of the political process in this country. My focus is to get more Hispanics to understand politics, and to bring those with political power to realize the importance of Hispanic inclusion. I believe that together we can encourage Hispanics to understand the importance of their vote, and also encourage new citizens to become “involved at heart” voters.

We can do better in mentoring Hispanics for political positions in Florida.  We can do better in reaching out to media that targets Hispanics in English and en Español.  We can do better in campaigns by not just getting a “token” Hispanic (A person placed to cause people to be drawn and to sympathize with the acceptance of people of the same ethnicity) to be part of your team, but find people who really can engage and captivate the Hispanic community.  We can do better in understanding the differences between Hispanics and also the issues that unite us. Understanding there is strength in unity not just amongst the Hispanics, but as an important part for the wellbeing of all ethnicities in an amazing nation of opportunities for the good of all.

This is my inspiration for Political Pasión.  It is something I know, it is something I can share, and at the same time  inspire others to do the same.


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