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About Evelyn (the Founder of Political Pasión)

Evelyn Perez-Verdia, born of an American father from Louisville, Kentucky who grew up in Florida and a mother from Bogota, Colombia. Her parents were one of the first missionaries to help the deaf in Colombia. Evelyn grew up around the deaf community since she was born. She grew up in between Florida and Colombia. She is a lover of multiculturalism, just causes and good government.  Here motto is: “In unity there is strength.”  Evelyn, completely fluent in Spanish, English and Dactylology is known for her straightforward style and in-depth understanding of the political and cultural landscape.

Evelyn, who graduated in International Studies from The University of South Florida and has a specialization in Negotiation and Conflict Management from the University of Notre Dame is a political strategist and commentator that creates messages that resonate with the emerging Hispanic community.  Her strength are elections. Her specialization is the growing Hispanic community within Florida.  For her work, The Tampa Bay Business Journal awarded her as one of the “30 Under 30″ in 2007, the year she started her consulting firm Transnational Relations. Evelyn was also selected as one of Tampa Bay’s Latina Movers and Shakers by Latin Times Magazine.

Until August 2016, Evelyn provided her expertise in communications for one of the largest election offices in the nation (Broward County) where she was one of the principal architects handling media in the historical 2008 presidential election at the international level such as  CNN, The New York Times, The National Journal, The Los Angeles Times, in addition to most statewide media entities in Florida.  In 2007 she won the bid to handle the Hispanic Engagement Campaign for the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office. She has been a Campaign Manager for a local winning election and also has worked as a federal caseworker and congressional aide for former Congressman Jim Davis of Tampa, Florida. As a lover of art, Evelyn also worked as the Communications and Programming Director for the Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Arts which was founded by the David Rockefeller Foundation.  She has also been a community advisor for the Florida Institute for Community Studies where she did focus groups with migrant women and youth in Florida.  In addition, she has given her time to advise different statewide campaigns and groups in Florida on how to engage multicultural communities. Evelyn is currently Senior Latino Politics Consultant for Integrated Communications and Research, icrmia.com

Along with other media groups, Evelyn is a political writer and has been quoted or has appeared in the Associated Press, EFE, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN en Español, the Miami Herald, the Sun-Sentinel,  Creative Loafing, La Gaceta Newspaper, Siete Días Newspaper, Centro Mi Diario, tbt*, Miami Diario, Las Americas Herald, Fox News Latino, La Prensa Mexicana, Tampa Bay Business Journal, Latin Times Magazine, the USF Alumni Association Magazine, The USF Magazine, Florida this Week, Univisión Televisión, Telemundo, Mira TV, AmericaTV, Bay News 9 en Español and was highlighted in Carrusel, one of the most recognized magazines in her native country, Colombia for her work as a federal caseworker for former Florida Congressman Jim Davis.

On April 7th, 2015 Evelyn was given the “Antonio Nariño” National Award of Journalism of Colombia for her work with politics and Hispanics in the United States. Her mentors are Joan Newcomb, the woman who guided her to ge involved in Florida politics due to Evelyn not having the money in that time to do an internship in Washington D.C. and Maria Esther Carrillo,  founder of Taller Inter Cultural Hispano-Americano, Intercultural Hispanic-American Workshop (TICH) who taught her the importance of getting involved in the community.  Evelyn lives in Weston, Florida with her husband Gonzalo, her two children and her dog Frida.

Community Involvement

  • Vice President, The Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists
  • Chair of the Committee of Government and Elections Information for the Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists
  • Former Member of the  League of Women Voters of Florida
  • Former President of the Hispanic Alliance of Tampa Bay (40 Hispanic organizations under one umbrella)
  • Former Board Member of the Hispanic-American Intercultural Workshop (TICH)
  • Founding Member of the Hispanic Young Professional and Entrepreneurs (HYPE)
  • Former Co-Chair and Co-Founder of the Democratic Professional Council Tampa Bay Chapter (DPC)
  • Creator of the Art on Loan Program for Congressman Jim Davis, District 11 Florida
  • Member of the USF Alumni Association
  • Former Advisory Board Member of Creative Tampa Bay
  • Former mentor for the Hispanic Youth of Tampa Bay
  • Creator and Presenter of Academic Class “Dress Smart Bulls” for the Legislative Internship Program at the University of South Florida
  • Honorary Member of the Cultural Center for the Deaf Foundation of Colombia (FCCSC)
  • Co-founder of Hispanic Vision Forum
  • Founder of Oye! Weston
  • Former Delegate for the Colombian Delegation of Florida in Tallahassee
  • Nominated for The Broward County Emerging Cultural Leadership Program
  • Board Member of the Puerto Rican Alliance of Florida
  • Member of Mujeres Latinas Impulsando a Mujeres Latinas
  • VP of the Broward Hispanic Democratic Caucus
  • Formerly appointed to the Diversity Advisory Council by the Broward County Commission

For public speaking engagements, consulting on Hispanic engagement or to be a media contributor, please contact Evelyn at: politicalpasion@outlook.com or 954-661-9019

4 thoughts on “Who is Evelyn

  1. What if Hispanics came together as a single force for immigration reform by a huge national collaboration with the expressed intent to leave American soil… leave their jobs in the fields, in the offices, in the health care industry and even to threaten to sell their wonderful restaurants… I bet so much pressure would be brought to bear on Washington it would have to make a difference… the cry would have to be loud and public… with P A S S I O N…. I personally believe this can be done… thank you for reading…. david lomako, Canton MI..

      • No nasty rhetoric, just classy calm perseverance in the manner of our President… 1st, form a small relevant group to determine how to get the word out to clergy, families, politicians, business leaders in a concentrated local community for a start and of course 2nd … once a small snowball gets rolling this story can be leaked to the media… oh boy, just the threat of a national boycott with serious intent to leave American soil would be terrifying… but one has to keep in mind that American politics is saying “we cant help… we wont help… we don’t want you”….. that’s highly inflammatory… 3rd… as I see it, why not seek help from within the countries of origin to create even the illusion that these expatriates are wanted back along with their skills and children, their courage and industry. I am not Hispanic but I feel very badly about this most tragic story… david

  2. Please allow me one more go at this. Those being deported along with loved ones left behind and community support worldwide could become the nucleus of those groups in the countries of origin, this would take on a life of its own. There would be a huge benefit headed their way with the knowledge that many elderly Hispanics receiving social security would be relocating as a result of this initiative… and how terrifying to the American politicians when someone figures out the disastrous loss of social security and affordable care act contributions… this concept needs brainstorming of course but indeed could become something of great passion offering hope…even with it being as difficult to accept as the horrible truth of todays reality… david.

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