Being Very “Guapo” Attracts the Hispanic Vote in Florida

By Evelyn Perez-Verdia

Welcome to 2014 and in Florida, we will be selecting a governor in November.  The two top contenders have name recognition, Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democratic candidate and former Governor, Charlie Crist.  Governor Scott and his advisors do not forget that in 2010, Marco Rubio won 62% of the Latino vote and Governor Scott himself took 51% of Latino votes.

I was a witness to many Hispanic women having no idea what Marco Rubio stood for.  However, he seemed like a “good kid” and by golly, he was muy guapo!  He got the ladies vote.  This situation hits close to home, as some of those individuals are members of my family. In 2010 Hispanic women voted in higher numbers than Hispanic men.  The ages of Hispanic women who voted the most were over the age of 41.

The news of Carlos Lopez-Cantera being appointed the first Hispanic lieutenant governor by Florida Governor Rick Scott might not be exciting for many; however for the politicos who do the numbers, it is a brilliant choice.  The former Miami-Dade Property Appraiser is a charming, good looking 40 year-old Cuban American man from South Florida.  He almost seems a bit of a Marco Rubio clone…clever.  Kudos to whoever orchestrated this one.  By the way, I would love to meet you…whoever you are.

Since the famous televised debates of Kennedy and Nixon on September 1960, we have seen time and time again that facial appearance may influence voting decisions in elections.  The visual appearance of someone has a remarkable effect on what individuals think about Continue reading