Jim Davis, Florida Congressman, District 11:   “Evelyn has a remarkably strong ability to organize, inspire and work with a broad range of people. She served in a key role in my 2006 campaign for Governor of Florida, organizing and carrying out targeted radio and other media activity with Hispanic media outlets throughout Florida.  Her program was very successful and contributed to my winning the Hispanic vote in Florida, the first time a statewide Democratic candidate had done so since 1996. She puts her heart and soul, her all, into her work.”

Francisco Sanchez, Former US Under Secretary of Commerce, named one of the 100 most Influential Hispanics in America by Hispanic Business Magazine: “Evelyn cares about others and is especially committed to the education of the international community with regards to their understanding of the workings of the U.S. government.

Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, Broward County Supervisor of Elections (Florida): “Evelyn used her talents in media knowledge and savvy to ensure fair, accurate and substantive information for the many media representatives who had an intense interest and stake in reporting the 2012 election news.  Evelyn’s ability to communicate about all aspects of the election process was critical to informing voters and other interested persons about the entire election process.”

Juan Zapata, Former Chairman of National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund (NALEO) and Miami-Dade County Commissioner: “Evelyn was part of the Colombian Delegation initiative in Tallahassee to lobby representatives to approve a resolution for the Free Trade Agreement of Colombia.  Evelyn played a decisive role in convincing legislators, regardless of party affiliation, the importance of this matter. I hold Evelyn in high regard and applaud her dedication and commitment to Hispanic issues in the United States and abroad. ”

Mary Mulhern, Tampa City Council District 2: Mary Mulhern, Tampa City Council District 2: “Evelyn placed me in touch with the leaders of the Indian, Chinese, Hispanic and Muslim communities during a campaign where I was running against an incumbent.  I won the race and I believe it had to do with reaching beyond the usual demographics. Her insight and vision of our changing electorate and donor opportunities stand out among political strategists. I am very appreciative of and impressed with Evelyn’s work.”

Travis Abercombie, former spokesperson for the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office (Florida): “I met Evelyn when she and I were spokespeople for our respective counties in Florida. Since I was new in my position, Evelyn reached out and provided me with invaluable tips and pointers on how I could mold and communicate messages so they would resonate with the community. Evelyn’s guidance greatly assisted in changing the public and media perception of our office – not an easy task for an elections office in Florida! Evelyn brings skill, determination and patience to the table, and those qualities are rarely found in just one person. I am proud to know and recommend Evelyn!

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