Empathy in a Book: “Echando Raices”

The book is called “Echando Raices” (Growing Roots). A book by Carlos Arturo Rivera, a man who has dedicated more than 3,000 hours of community service while living in the United States. River says it is something that we must all try to do to contribute to this country.

Carlos Arturo Rivera is only one of many examples of the amazing immigrants who contribute to this country.   As if his dedication to helping others were not enough, he decided to write this book that shares stories of those who come here for better life. He talks about attorneys cleaning houses and doctors working in factories.  This book is a mix between the realities he had seen others experience and his own twist to the stories that can bring a tear or two.  Most importantly, it reminds us of the millions  of immigrants who come to the United States for a better life and who contribute to this nation.  It makes their struggles come alive.  It recognizes those who had a story before they arrived and weaves them into our society.

You can find “Echando Raices” on Amazon, or call Carlos Arturo and have a coffee with him, buy his book and know that you are sure to have a new friend.  His teléfono:  (954) 696-8395

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