Finally Out Of My Writer’s Block, And I Have 10 Tips

By Evelyn Perez-Verdia

It has been a while since I have written in Political Pasión, and I apologize. Like many of my colleagues, I went through a period of writer’s block. Possibly because I had so much to say, I had so much feeling based on the political atmosphere, that I had no words.  
Now I do. And I have a message for you. We need to wake up. As someone who has been in government and politics for the last fifteen years, I must admit that I have never seen what I am seeing today. I am not naive to what exists in the political world. However, I believe that technology has made us aware of how things really are. Either for personal interests or for the fact that many are tired of levels of corruption that politics has blanketed itself with, we are seeing the real face of politics. This face can not have makeover as it will continue to be ugly underneath. However, with the rights nutrients and care, it can improve.  

Here are some tips that I would like to give you, in order to change what is currently happening in the current world and to give the political world some nutrients to its ugly face:

1. Don’t believe everything you read. A journalism professor at the University of South Florida taught me something important. In order to know the truth, look at all sides of the story given and come to your own conclusions. Do not stick to one media source, but hear all sides.

2. Many politicians are looking for the interest of their parties. Look at what they say, and see what they do. We need to hold our representatives accountable. They are our voice, and we have the power to keep them in, or have them step down.

3. Strategists and political consultants have become more about the money vs. the principle. If you hire a strategist, look at their values. See if they believe in you. And in turn, remember, if you run for office…this is not about you. It is about making a difference in the lives of the people who elected you.

4. We live in beautiful nations where most have different societies and cultures. Learn from these cultures versus fearing them. Most fear is based on what you don’t know. To understand, you must engage and learn.

5. You can not win an election without listening. I find it amusing how most shots of candidates are based on them talking. It says a lot. In order to understand and represent others, we must learn to listen to all sides. There is a story, a pain, a reason for everything.

6. Never, ever assume you are going to win.  

7. Do not sell your soul. When someone asks you to write a story about them, don’t. We need to place ethics before recognition, money and power.

8. Campaigns have come to a low point. When people go low, expose them. Do not go to their level.

9. Do not swear. It seems that after the 2016 presidential elections, we have opened the door to speak without filters. You represent your organization, and if you swear, it makes the entire organization lose respect. This goes directly to Tom Perez and Donald Trump. I am not sure if a new poll came out that says people like this. In my view, it only makes me think we are in a close proximity to the movie “Idiocracy”

10. Remember that the ultimate goal in politics is to work for the common good. Reach out to your fellow colleagues, because at the end, they were elected by us, the people.

May this be the beginning of more insights.  I hope this moves something in you, as it did in me.  Are you ready for a real makeover?