Thought Provoker: Fabio Andrade-Community Activist

I have the pleasure to have Fabio Andrade as the first “Thought Provoker” on Political Pasión.  Thought provokers are individuals or a  group that make a difference in our community.

Fabio is of Colombian descent and an amazing advocate for Hispanics.  Not only does he have a heart for the Hispanic community, he also knows the importance of making sure that the Hispanic community does become involved in politics.  Fabio is a highly sought after advisor for high level candidates in the state of Florida.   Here is what Fabio has to say:

Evelyn Perez-Verdia: “Here we are with community activist, Fabio Andrade.  Fabio,  the question is: why is it important for Hispanics to involve themselves in politics here in Florida?”

Fabio Andrade: “I believe it is because we are in a country where politics represents the people.  We have to assure ourselves that as a community, we can tell our elected officials, what do we expect, what do we need and how we see the world and our day to day.  I think it is very important that we become involved and we participate.  In the year 1967 when we arrived to New York, my parents made sure that in our home we became involved and that we learned who our elected officials where so that we could navigate in this world and this new life.  That is why I think it is vital that the people become interested and participate.  It is not about being too active or  being involved daily in the political arena.  However, it is important to become informed and educate ourselves in regard to those who represent us.”

To learn more about Fabio, you can go to:


One thought on “Thought Provoker: Fabio Andrade-Community Activist

  1. Fabio is a Broward County treasure for Hispanics and all residents alike. He brings people together for good reasons and I deeply appreciate his commitment and hard work.

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