Political Pasión: for the love of elections, politics and Hispanics in Florida

I am a Colombian-American offspring of two of the first missionaries, who initiated the work helping deaf children and adults in Colombia.  In my upbringing I was exposed daily to the hard realities that many deaf experienced by their extreme conditions of poverty.

From walking through the Colombia jungle with my parents as a child, I went on to walking the Florida streets as a Campaign Manager. I have had the opportunity to spend time with youth gang members and migrant workers in Florida.  My background opened a position for me as a caseworker for Congressman Jim Davis.  I was able to see the pain of so many who came to our office with their federal issues and then to experience their ability to trust again in their elected officials when we were able to change their life through resolving their hardship.

When Congressman Davis ran for governor in 2006, I was a key contributor to him winning the Hispanic vote in Florida by organizing and carrying out targeted radio and other media activity with the Hispanic media outlets.

I have applied my energy and skills of persuasiveness in the political process by bringing together a group of leaders from diverse backgrounds to support an underdog candidate and win her election.  My need to organize, inspire and work with a broad range of people inspired me to open my own Public Relations firm through which I was hired as a communications consultant for various election offices in Florida.  My desire to share comes from being the spokeswoman in the 2008 historical election for one of the largest election offices in Florida, Broward County.  I saw what would be my strength for years to come, as I was given the opportunity to handle state, national and International media and be a voice, in Español and in English for those who needed orientation on voting and the election process.

Twelve years later, here I am, as passionate as ever, and humbled by the experience and opportunities I have acquired through time. I am a published author.  I have no political affiliation. I have a love for politics, elections and Hispanics, from which I give you:  “Political Pasión.”

Evelyn Perez-Verdia